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Day 1 – Never Say Purple!

Its March! Time for spring to come melt winter’s chill..Time for New Love! Green Rules This Month!…but wait..its the 1st which means its Justin Bieber’s Bday! and This time he is now legal for me XD I just want to grab him and comb his hair like a doll LOL Anyways Happy Bday Justin and My First Day look is inspired by you or the color purple IDK. ❤ Dizzy



Shirt- Razzberry Inc. Lil Gangsta White Tank (Is Part of Lil Gangsta Outfit)

Pants- Riff City Latex Pants Deep Purple

Shoes- Viviane Fashion Diamond Heart Sneaker Black

Hair- Truth Alexis w/Roots Fudge

Eyes- Littlegirl Pure Eyes Blue

Accessories- Cute Bytes Speaker Backpack, A2 Atlas Headphones, K_gs optino3 free


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