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Frugal Summer

Time for Summer! but when your broke like me you need to enjoy it

without buliding up debt. So here are a number of 

summer freebies me and Zariah found.

If you don’t know .:: DELISH ::. you must be rich or very picky person cause I love this shop!

It has alot of full 1L avatars perfect for newbies or those who cant afford those high Ls items.

There are two avatars that were just made for summer!

Jasmin (left) comes with this very sexy bikini,cute slightly open mouth skins,nice shape,eyes, and eyelashes

while Cyndee’s (right) sporty bikini and shape add greatly to my HUSH skin.

As you can see Zariah found a very nice drink to cool off with and myself

found a neat beach ball and sunglasses for cheap.




Zariah’s Bikini – .::Delish::. Jasmin 08 (1L)

Dizzy’s Bikini – .::Delish::. Cyndee 07 (1L)

Dizzy’s Shades – Sunglasses from free beach and pool accessories (0Ls)


Zariah’s Skin – .::Delish::. Jasmin (1Ls)

Dizzy’s Skin – HUSH Lily Seduce Caramel (Not Free)

Zariah’s Shape – .::Delish::. Jasmin (1Ls)

Dizzy’s Shape – .::Delish::. Cyndee (1Ls)


Cola Can (0L)

Beach Ball (1L)

Used Image from Second Life Stock Flickr Group 🙂

Midnight Masquerade

Hey everyone! If your like me you’ve been seeing alot of masquerade stuff on the SL site

and on the front page of the Marketplace. I really like those pictures so i did one!

Also HUSH has released two new skins! I am wearing one here I will show the other later.

This one is Called Juliette which kind of fits the Masquerade theme I was going for.

As always she has those glamorous lips that lovely complexion and beautiful makeup

Juliette comes in 6 skin tones,5 makeups,3 brows,2 cleavages, and a Shape

Don’t I look ready for a Ball? ❤ Dizzy


Dress and Choker – Rfyre Marquessa Peche Peach Womens 17th Century Ballgown

Mask – ::MOD:: Lace Masquerade – White (1L)

Tiara – LOJ: Tiara – White Diamonds


Skin – HUSH Skins – Juliette – Gloss – Cream (NEW!)

Shape – [ Tokyo.Girl ] Natsumi E

Hair – Damselfly Witching Hour/Mystic

Eyes – Glamorize – Imagine Eyes Green


Orient Dream

She’s waiting silent,
Resting in warmth and darkness,
Testing her world’s walls.


Kimono – [Mesh] Curious Kitties – Yukata [Color Blocking Version] x8 (Free)

Shoes – Geta (Female 8Color Box Set)


Skin – Tuty’s Gong Skin Pale Orange

Shape – Mucalinda: Xiao Mei Oriental Shape

Hair – A&A Misa Hair Jetblack (Free)


Parasol – Japanese Umbrella 

Fan – Great Wave Fans (Old freebie)

Free on Marketplace pt.2

More Freebies! Yay!

I reviewed all the things I used to show the creators love ❤

Everything is free or 1L



Top – D&G ~*::Corset Free Giftie::*~ (Free)

Skirt – Pink Check Skirt (Free)


Skin is a freebie from Skin addiction Showcase

Shape – ::*FG*::***OREGON AVATAR***  (1L)

Hair – [TC] Tirn Mesh Hair Blue Gift (Free)

Bow – Pautina headband * coquettish ribbon*gift (Free)

Ring – Mesh Signet Ring Set (Free)

Free on Marketplace pt.1

Here are some things I found on Marketplace recently!

I reviewed all the things I used to show the creators love ❤

Everything was free or 1L 🙂



Dress – ::TSC:: Geometric Lace Dress- MESH (1L)

Pants – MiliMez Perfect Jeggings (Free)


Skin and Shape – ::*FG*::***OREGON AVATAR*** (1L)

Hair – A&A Dakota Hair Darkbrown (Free)

Eyeshadow – Zibska [Gift] Dahlinka Eyeshadow in Rainbow (Free)

Dark Kat

(I iz back! Yay! So srry for the random break..will try to post at least 3 posts a week)


Outfit – ENthrall Oxide essence outfit (1L)

Boots – ST Spacewalker Boots – Singularity Black


Skin – Bobtails Egyptian Goddess

Shape – Felis Shape (From Free Curious Inc. Felis Avatar)

Hair – Sadistic Hacker – Rapunzel Gold

Ears – HOO Moonlight Ears

Tail – HOO “Walking on Air’ Tail

Summer Cutie

Been awhile since I’ve done a whole post..srry about that

Today was a good day! I asked a question in the Yabu Baby group and got something nice in return

I was gifted this cute dress and I love it!

So Kawaii!! ❤


Outfit – ::BB:: Baby Daisies Green


Skin – :*BABY*: Andrea Skin {Party} Natural

Ears – MW ilweran ears – Windlow natural

Hair – TuTy’s_ DOG DAY Black (FREE!)

 Baby Avatar

< Yabusaka > Baby mesh avatar + :KH: Baby AO

Addiction to HUSH 2

Hush has two skins out only at the Skin Addiction Showcase

The Showcase runs till June 10

Christine comes in 6 tones,5 makeups,3 brow shades,2 cleveages,shape and lashes

Here is [HUSH] Christine – Bronze

Outfit – Umi Usagi Sweet Vacation *Green* Hair – Truth Jess Crow Eyes – Glamorize Perfectly Sparkly Eyes Olive Shape – HUSH Christine Shape Lashes – HUSH Christine Lashes

Skin Tones – Vanilla,Sugar,Cream

Skin Tones – Honey,Cocoa,Caramel

Christine Lashes

Hush is located in the Northwest Part of Showcase Sim

Skin Addiction Showcase LM

Addiction to HUSH

Hush has two skins out only at the Skin Addiction Showcase

The Showcase runs till June 10

Daisy comes in 6 tones,5 makeups,3 brow shades,2 cleveages, and shape

Here is [HUSH] Daisy – Blue

Outfit – Edelweiss Striped (Rose) Hair – BC322 Neo Black Eyes – LittleGirl PureEyes Green Shape – HUSH Daisy Shape

Skin Tones – Sugar,Vanilla,Cream

Skin Tones – Honey,Cocoa,Caramel

Hush is located in the Northwest Part of Showcase Sim

Skin Addiction Showcase LM

Night Watch


Outfit – Alterego Rebellion Green

Stockings – ::VMC:: Alexxis Fishnets

Shoes – Girl Tops – Mesh Shoes


Skin – *JeSyLiLO*:::Winter:::*DarkSkin*

Shape – [MOOSEHEAD] Rhea Shape

Hair – Tameless Angel Charcoal

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