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Beachy Days

Here is a photo from a flickr group I’m a part of that lets you put up a unedited pic and have someone edit it.

Here is my first try at editing someone else’s picture

The Before pic

My Edited Version

first pileup edit

(Her name is Julianna Rakasta)

Tuned with Style

Lately I have been playing tunes alot..helps get though my day! As I was shopping in SL I played the song above and just had to outfit my avatar to match the way this song makes me feel LOL. Hope you like it! ❤ Dizzy




Tattoo – [ :: c r u s h :: ] tattoos – heart beat (Not sure if this is still available)

Hair – Sirena Delilah Electric Pack – Purple

Shoes – alterego platform gogos (Part of the music is my life hunt item)

Headphones – alterego tune headphones by Toxxic (Part of the music is my life hunt item)

Shirt,Skirt, and Bandage – :: alterego :: pumpedup kixz – A/Y

Armwarmers – .::BT::. High Armwarmers  (Part of BT High Outfit)

Shape is my own

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